Recent Workshops

Web Development using PHP


The department of Computer Science and Information Technology, DAV College, Chandigarh organized a workshop on “Web Development using PHP” in coordination with SachTech Solutions,Mohali on 9/9/15 . The workshop ,whose primary objective was skill development, was organized to inculcate knowledge about creation of dynamic web applications and their advantages.The resource person for the workshop, Mr.Gurvinder Singh apprised the students about optimal features of PHP framework and why PHP framework is fast becoming the most sought after technology for web application development. Mr. Singh practically demonstrated the steps in creation and development of a fully-functional, dynamic and robust website with attributes for effective web experience. Around 30 students of MSc(IT) Final year attended the workshop.

Recent trends in Computer Applications and need for High Performance Computing

In the present technological era, processing of program instructions is being done by dividing instructions among multiple processors with the objective of running a program in less time. To achieve more optimal results with the latter specified methodology, many techniques of High-performance computing are used for computing, parallel processing and running advanced application efficiently, Continue Reading

Essentials of Networking

Essentials of Networking


The Department of Computer Science and Applications, DAV College, Chandigarh conducted a workshop “Essentials of Networking” for the final year students of Bachelors of Computer Applications on 19/8/15.The Resource persons for the workshop were Mr.Rajiv Nayyar and Mr.Rakesh Garg from the leading networking solutions provider : “ Infowiz-Software Solutions”, a firm registered with CII and national award winner for the best IT Centre of 2014-15.The workshop was organized to enlighten the students about  the various aspects of networking and internet security and the latest networking tools and techniques prevalent in the research and development industry. Using a live project, Mr.Rakesh Garg demonstrated how various networking tools can be  helpful in  saving our valuable data from hackers and other malicious programs on the internet. He also gave some handly practical tips to overcome frequently encountered bugs in network centric programming. Around 50 students attended the workshop.


IBM Cloud Computing Workshop


In the present technological era, IT industry is looking for developers who are well versed with various emerging and roboust technologies, one of them being Cloud computing. It is a tremendous innovation in the digital landscape that has changed the way IT solutions are delivered and will hold the key in futuristic application development. Keeping in view the same, the Department of Computer Science organised a workshop to enlighten the students and faculty with immense benefits and never ending sphere of implementations of cloud computing. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Mani Madhukar from the Global IT Giant, IBM – inceptors  of numerous innovative and resource management technologies. Mr. Madhukar started the workshop by introducing  the Cloud Computing framework, its various Service Models and Application and Integration layers. Continue Reading