Workshop on Vedic Maths

Present technological era is the period of logical and mathematical skills. Almost in every competitive examination, the mathematical problems are frequently asked. Sometimes finding the solution of these kinds of problems is very time consuming. Keeping in view the competitive environment, a workshop on “Vedic Maths – Shortcuts to Complex Calculations”

was organized in the Department of Computer Science on 21-09-2013. The resource person of the workshop was the Director of Info Maths – Mr. Sudhir Grover, an eminent personality in the field of mathematics.

The primary focus of the workshop was on solving the complex mathematical problems using the shortcut methods and innovative techniques instead of using various traditional methods which are time consuming. The resource person taught the shortcuts to solve the complex mathematical evaluations with in seconds which can be very helpful in solving the problems in various competitive examinations in a very interactive manner by involving the students. With the use of these kinds of shortcut and innovative techniques, lot of time can be saved in finding the solution of complex mathematical problems, said the resource person. About 120 students of BCA participated in this workshop and were exposed to new sphere of problem solving techniques.