Workshop on Statistical Tools to Train the trainers

The primary objective of R&D is to discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological aspect for the purpose of uncovering and enabling skill development amongst perspective researchers and students. Research helps a researcher  to  develop and increase  the intellectual skills of critical analysis and also valuable transferable skills.

To ensure that its faculty is equipped with right tools and techniques to achieve effective results in research and development, the department of Computer Science and Information Technology, DAV College, Chandigarh organized a workshop on  “Statistical Tools in Research”  on 10/9/2015. The resource person for the workshop was eminent researcher of MD University Rohtak, Dr Satinder Pal Singh – Currently Dean, R&D, CGC Landran.

Dr. Singh began the workshop by specifying how statistics, the science and practice of developing human knowledge through the use of empirical data expressed in quantitative form,

can be used effectively to achieve optimal results in research and development. Dr. Singh  apprised the faculty about various tests available for qualitative and quantitative research and practically demonstrated the use of  then through SPSS tool for conducting t, F, Z and ANOVA statistical tests.Dr. Singh   also highlighted  how quantitative and qualitative research ensures high levels of reliability of gathered data and in-depth analysis of the information.