Seminar on “Personality Development and Career Building”

 For achieving “What one Dreams of”, motivation is needed which can act as a catalyst in the tough road towards attainment of one’s goal. Keeping in view of this, a seminar on Motivation, confidence Building and realising one’s potential and interest, a seminar on Personality and career building was organized in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology on 18 Nov. 2013 in association with the education consultants “The Chopra’s”.

The resource person emphasized on the fact that the very first step in achieving one’s goal has to be immense clarity of what one desires and wants to be. She organized a small question answer session with the students to ensure the insights of the thinking of the students present in the seminar. Keeping up with the trend and exploiting the versatile style, the resource person presented the topics on Motivation, career selection in a very different and interactive manner. With her unique way of presentation, many students of BCA / M.Sc. (Information Technology) were benefited through this seminar.